Words from Chairman


Chairman of the Board: Zhang Rongqiang

When morning comes, Huitai Investment Group Co., Ltd. will meet the sun together with you. In the development history of the enterprise, the whole staff stuck together in sincere cooperation, took the bull by the horns and forged ahead, and has made painstaking efforts for the production and development of the enterprise. I hereby express my heartfelt respect and thanks to the whole staff.

We're very proud looking back upon the past and confident looking to the future. We always keep our promise, treasure equality and friendship, respect integrity and quality, serve customers and partners to jointly seek sustained, healthy, coordinated and rapid economic development of the enterprise. Currently, the company has entered the higher, faster and stronger development period. We decide to base in China and expand overseas to develop the enterprise bigger, stronger and better. We will focus on developing the ability of adapting to the market economy, improving economic benefits, promoting sustained reform, scientific and effective development, as well as maintaining business stability. Huitai Investment Group Co., Ltd. will have a more open new pattern and broader new thinking to create a better future together with you.

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