Clean Energy

With the world's dwindling oil resources and aggravating pollution, the development and utilization of renewable energy was put on the agenda worldwide. Among various renewable energy resources under exploitation, wind energy is currently one of the more mature and economical products with the highest development value.
The Longyuan Huitai 98.7 MW wind power project has been jointly developed by China Longyuan Power Group and Huitai Group. On Nov. 20th, 2015, the project has successfully realized the grid connection. With the normal operation of the total units, the annual average electric energy production can reach 90 million kilowatts, which can save standard coal consumption of 36,000 tons, and reduce the emission of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide of 864 tons and 93600 tons, respectively, thus creating obvious economic and social benefits.

The construction of wind power project has played an exemplary and leading role for local wind power industry development and has become one of the largest wind power plans in the local area, making its due contributions to building a resource-saving society.


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