Fishery-PV Integration

     To respond to the call of Shandong Province which advocates the development of the Blue Economy and building of China’s ‘marine granary’, Tongwei Group and Huitai Group, as a strong alliance, give full play to their advantages in technology, resource and market, etc. Through cooperation, the two groups plan to invest 24 billion yuan, aiming to develop the whole industrial chain modern intelligence facility fishery and green power park.
     Relying on the unique location and resource advantage and with the starting point of developing the modern Blue Economy, the groups are devoted to building the whole industrial chain modern intelligence facility agricultural park integrated with fry rearing, feed production, ecological breeding and aquatic product deep processing, cold-chain logistics, sales and services. Moreover, based on the concept of “fish farming in the water, and power generation above the water”, the two groups aim to build a large-scale diversified, multi-type and international green ecological park with the comprehensive utilization of fishery and PV resources.
    With planned total scale of 3000MWp, the project requires the total investment of 24 billion yuan, of which the first phase witnesses the scale of 300 MWp, covering an area of 10,000 mu. After the project completion, the average annual on-grid energy will reach about 520GW, and the annual sales revenue will be about 1.28 billion yuan, with profit and tax being about 0.38 billion yuan, thus making newer and greater contribution to the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the economic society.


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