Protect your apps with App Hider For Android

App Hider allows you to protect any application in a password protected area, and make them invisible when not in the password protected safe area. Protect your apps with App Hider for Android. App Hider allows you to hide any application you want in a safe password protected hiding place. This includes any default applications eg. Gallery, Messages*, GMail*, etc. App Hider is a replacement Home Launcher app and protects your apps by only allowing access via a secure app portal that appears as a Stocks application. Once inside the password protected area you can launch any apps, add more hidden apps, or remove apps you've chosen to hide. Check out the YouTube demo for more details on how App Hider can help you to protect your apps. You can change the name of the 'fake' portal app to anything you want and can even choose different icons from a set of 10 provided icons. * NB - AppHider will stop these apps being visible from your app menu, however you will still receive notifications which can allow access to the app directly.